Sriracha UI

About This Project

Sriracha UI is a custom style library I created with styled-components. It makes styling your React apps easy and fluid, no more wrestling around to get components laid out and looking beautiful. Sriracha UI is incredibly customizable as well and having full-featured jsx components like modals, tooltips, and a cabinet component for toggling a navbar.

Check out Sriracha's extensive documentation on npm.

My Contribution

I'm the sole contributor to this project. If you are interested in helping to build features, I would be happy to talk to you.

Projects Impact

I use this in every personal React and Next.js project. It's my pride and joy. All of my ownl websites you see that I've built use Sriracha, and I'm continually updating it and adding to it. Sriracha UI has grown so much over the last year and continues to grow.

The biggest things I've used Sriracha to build the UI for are, Best Markdown Editor,, and this portfolio you're on right now!

What I Learned

Sriracha is a constant learning process that is continually teaching me things about making components reusable and flexible and feature-rich with beautifying and customizability inherent.