About This Project

NutriJournal is an app that allows you to track your nutritional intake, monitor your weight goals, and compare the effect of your diet to your weight change. The mission of NutriJournal is to make monitoring your health and noticing trends as easy as possible.

You give us your weight goals, log what you eat every day, and we do the rest. We calculated a recommend caloric budget based on the information we collect when you sign up and give you a target date for your goals. We track not only the calories you eat every day but the breakdown of the macronutrients as well.

To see a more detailed explanation of how our app works, please check out our YouTube video.

My Contribution

I built out the authentication, set up form validation for the onboarding process, set up redux, and handled the onboarding and user registration with the back end. I also built out the full stack functionality for tracking a user's macros over time.

Projects Impact

After lab's was over, the whole team ate healthier and tracked our diet for a few weeks to months after it was over because we were so proud of the product we made. I think everybody came out of that experience with a more healthy mindset about eating a proper diet.

What I Learned

NutriJournal was my lab's project through Lambda School. Hands down the best team experience I have had so far. The entire team worked very well together. We all pushed each other and learned from one another, and came out with a product we were very proud of in the end.