Lambda Bug Tracker

About This Project

I built this project with a team of colleagues from Lambda for their 2019 Winter Hackathon. It's a bug tracker app similar to Trello. After you log in, you can create projects and get assigned a board with a todo, in progress, and done column. You can create cards with different priority levels and other specifications. If you would like to see what our app could do, check out the YouTube video.

My Contribution

I set the authentication, private route flow, and worked on the back end. Also, the team also a style library I had built.

Projects Impact

The impact of this project had, was not on the product itself, but on the learning experience of building something with a team in only 30 hours. Having the team use my style library also highlighted some growth areas for my library and helped improved it a lot.

What I Learned

Persistence and teamwork will help you achieve goals you could not do alone. Hackathons are marathons that test your mental stamina, and I look forward to participating in more hackathons in the future.