About This Project

I built this project when I was playing an online game, Elder Scrolls Online. I had started my guild and built a discord server. As time moved on and the guild grew, I began other discords using bots to manage tasks on discord. With my guild quickly growing, we were experiencing problems that these bots were providing solutions too. So I get out on a journey to build my bot to do those things for my guild. I have detailed documentation of all of FireBots capabilities here.

My Contribution

I was the sole contributor to this project. I was beginning to learn about Node at the time and had discovered Discord.js and read up some documentation. I was delighted with the results and worked on the project over the next two months.

Projects Impact

FireBot handled all incoming members, creating an onboarding process that decreased the amount of "ghosts and weirdos." Filtering new people to the guild was particularly important because we did a lot of recruiting on Reddit.

It also could assign roles on specific events, like if a user clicked on a specific emoji on a post. Using these events made it easy to have users add roles to themselves to identify their play style.

FireBot also had a function where it would roll a random number from one to one hundred. We used this for loot roles and deciding on who would fight who during our weekly duel tournaments.

What I Learned

I learned that believing that I don't know enough is not a valid reason not to try something. I genuinely thought my endeavor in creating a node bot for discord was going to be a flop. But I did it anyway and was very excited and pleased to see that I was able to build something that brought value to my guildmates.