Danger! Music Theory

About This Project

This project has a near and dear place to my heart. This project was one of my very first web development projects after I began learning HTML and CSS. It's just a beginner's introduction to music theory on the guitar within the context of the C major / A minor key.

My Contribution

DANGER! Music Theory and the content were all built and written by myself. I took extra time to color coat each note one specific color. I also created tabs and images of scale shapes on the fretboard with GIMP. I spent a lot of time on this. If I only knew then, what I knew now, I could have built the whole thing a lot faster.

Projects Impact

I still recommend this page to anybody who plays guitar and wants to understand their fretboard better. I feel like this is page has excellent content and love showing it off.

What I Learned

One of the first lessons about HTML I learned was, "HTML is the backbone of the web. It's what holds all of the content." This fact drove home the fact that if I wanted to make effective websites, then the content is king. So I did some soul searching, and asked myself, "What content do I have that I can give to the world?" This project was my answer to that question.