Hi, I'm Jimmy McBride.

As a devoted software engineer, I thrive in the world of app development. From delving deep into Linux server configurations to architecting full-stack SaaS platforms, I just love the process of creating things. By day, I'm a lead Android developer at Ally Financial; by night, I tinker away at whatever currently has my interest. Check out my blog and find out what I've been getting into lately.









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Dedicated to excellence in scalability, I specialize in designing and deploying solutions that effortlessly adapt to growing demands. With a keen eye for optimization, I ensure that systems not only meet but exceed performance benchmarks, ensuring consistent operation and unwavering reliability even under increasing loads.

Full Stack

With a holistic approach to web development, I bridge the gap between front-end elegance and back-end efficiency. Proficient in an array of technologies, I seamlessly integrate user interfaces with powerful server logic, ensuring that each component of a project harmonizes to deliver smooth, responsive experiences.

Simple By Design

Adhering to the principle of 'Simple By Design', I prioritize clarity and user-centricity in every project. By intentionally avoiding over-complication, I ensure that solutions are efficient, intuitive, and maintainable. This design philosophy fosters streamlined user experiences and promotes long-term system stability.